Registry of Election Finance declines to investigate Rep. Sherrell's fire-hall checks

The Tennessee Registry of Election Finance said it had been "weaponized" in the state House District 43 race and refused to investigate a complaint that Rep. Paul Sherrell wrote checks to volunteer fire halls and asked for cash back.

"What we're being asked here is to assume that Mr. Sherrell is a crook, bottom line. We're to assume he is conducting illegal activity," board member Tom Lawless said, because Sherrell bought ham breakfasts for firefighters, "for a bunch of guys that are going out and running the risk of getting their ass killed putting a fire out."

Lawless said he's sure Sherrell was buying firefighters "granola and yogurt and not sausage and biscuits to protect them."

As a result, Sherrell's opposition gets to call him a "thief, a liar and a crook.