Good Deed: Chattanooga Track Club sponsors series of cross-country runs for third, fourth and fifth graders

These days, it seems parents will do anything to find creative ways to get their children outside and exercising. Well, thanks to the volunteers who run the Chattanooga Track Club, kids are not only getting outside and running, they are smiling when they cross the finish line. Each fall the track club puts on a series of one-mile cross country runs for third, fourth and fifth graders in the Chattanooga and North Georgia areas. More than 800 parents, kids, coaches and teachers pack Camp Jordan and watch as these kids run their hardest to reach that finish line and see their times up on the big screen. With medals to wear home and moms and dads answering questions about when the next race will be, it's beyond fun. Each time you hear those words ready, set, go, you know it's going to be exciting!

Thank you, Chattanooga Track Club, for giving back to our community in a special way. Your organization has become a great role model for hundreds of families about staying active and healthy.

The Gilbert Family