Chattanooga-based Double Cola retains appeal with unique flavors, sizes and approaches in 100th year

Contributed photography / Former Double Cola plant in Chattanooga.

* History: The company was founded in 1922 by Charles D. Little and business partner Joe S. Foster, former Chero-Cola employees who launched the company originally as the Good Grape Company. The business name was later changed to the Seminole Flavor Company, as the Chattanooga operation was experimenting with a formula to compete with Coke. Little and Foster tweaked that formula some more, and in 1933, they came out with Double Cola, which was named for its 12-ounce size that was twice as big as the 6-ounce bottles of its competitors. In 1956, Double Cola pioneered the citrus drink Ski which was trademarked in 1958 and became the company's top-selling drink. In 1981, K.J. International bought the company and expanded operations around the globe, adding more flavors and alcoholic drinks.