Opinion: Mark on Mark battle, Mott’s so predictable, Queen’s funeral cost, naked carpenter

Jay Greeson

Man, not since Portugal challenged it on the open seas has Spain been in a fight like this.

If you drive a car, listen to the radio, read the paper or watch local TV, the real estate spat between Mark Hite and Mark Spain around these parts has become downright heated.

Yes, it's football time in Tennessee, but their rivalry has the feel of Alabama-Tennessee, back in the days before Saban.

Spain flooded the market with advertising messaging when he landed in the 423 and now everyone is looking for guaranteed deals on their home sales.

Not to be outdone, Hite answered with a not-so-subtle reminder that he's the local Mark with a guarantee.

Giddy-up. The competition could very well, wait for it ... leave a mark.

Stunned? Mott so much

So City Council candidate Marie Mott has some controversial statements in her past.