Hamilton County Election Commission certifies results from Chattanooga District 8 runoff

Staff photo by David Floyd / Commissioner Jerry Summers, bottom right, speaks during a Hamilton County Election Commission meeting on Wednesday morning at 700 River Terminal Road.

The Hamilton County Election Commission on Wednesday certified the results of last week's special election for the District 8 seat on the Chattanooga City Council, which now gives the losing candidate in the race, Marie Mott, five days to challenge the outcome in Chancery Court.

"What we're saying here today with this certification is that based on the oversight and the authority that we have, we've done our job to have a fair and equitable election," Election Commission Chairman Michael Walden said. "If other people interfered outside of that, that's an issue for Chancery Court."

Mott, a local activist, lost to appointed incumbent Marvene Noel by a 70-vote margin in the runoff Sept. 15, which saw turnout of 731 of the district's 8,295 eligible voters. Mott was initially the top vote-getter in the Aug.