Opinion: Public officials should have school resource officers’ backs until evidence proves otherwise

Staff File Photo By Matt Hamilton / School resource officer Mike Houston helps guide Logan Mabry, 11, as he aims an arrow during archery practice at Lofts Middle School in February 2022.

"What I will say is the experience that this young man had yesterday is something that is becoming more prevalent than not with individuals who look like him."

Hamilton County Board of Education member Karitsa Mosley Jones uttered the above statement to this newspaper Wednesday concerning an incident at East Ridge High School in which a white school resource officer (SRO) was summoned to assist with a situation in which a Black student was described as being aggressive to a coach.

The officer, according to video footage, attempted to restrain the student by pulling his hair and pushing him to the ground. However, the out-of-context footage posted on the Facebook page of the Chattanooga NAACP is only a small segment of what is said to be more than an hour of total footage of the incident.