Check out this work by Chattanooga artist Kathleen Pacenti

Amari by Kathleen Pacenti


Artist: Kathleen Pacenti

Medium: Mixed media, acrylic paint and gold leaf

"The deep blue was the initial inspiration for this painting," says Chattanooga artist Kathleen Pacenti. "I brought in the primary colors to complete the color palette. The painting began with some random drips and splatters which I allowed to partially dry, then I lifted the color from their centers.

"What began randomly then became intentional with every additional brush stroke of color I laid down. What emerged is a mother with her arms in yellow, her yellow head tilted down toward her infant's head -- together their heads forming a heart."

See more of Kathleen Pacenti's work at Neighbor of Wine Down in Cambridge Square in Ooltewah. Or, find her on Instagram @kathleenmpacentiart or her website at