Chattanooga ranks among best pet-friendly cities for renters

Staff Photo by Olivia Ross / Two people stand with their dogs at the top of the hill in Renaissance Park in 2022. Chattanooga was rated as one of the top 10 most pet-friendly cities for renters by Zumper.

Chattanooga ranks among the best cities in America for renters with pets, according to a new study by the rental property search website Zumper.

Chattanooga's pet-friendly homes, on average, added an additional $110 per month in rent, Zumper said. About 70% of Chattanooga listings on Zumper were pet-friendly (either dog or cat), which is higher than the national average of 62%.

Zumper gave Chattanooga an A grade for the average price of pet-friendly rentals and ranked the Scenic City among the top five cities for its walkability to place Chattanooga overall as the top city in Tennessee for pet owners.

Zumper said nearly half of renters report owning a pet. Zumper's ranking is based on the average price of pet-friendly rentals, the percentage of pet-friendly apartments on Zumper, the number of parks and vets per capita, as well as average vet costs, the city's walkability and air quality.

Most pet-friendly cities for renters

1. Richmond, Virginia.

2. Madison, Wisconsin.

3. Columbus, Ohio.

4. Minneapolis.

5. Kansas City, Missouri.

6. Omaha, Nebraska.

7. Chattanooga.

8. Des Moines, Iowa.

9. Denver.

1o. Portland, Oregon.

Source: Zumper. Knoxville ranked No. 12, Atlanta ranked No. 22, Nashville ranked No. 50 and Memphis ranked 85th.