5-at-10: Huesman reunion at Richmond, super amount of Super Bowl wagers, is ‘Yellowstone’ done?

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts, left, and Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes shake hands during the NFL football Super Bowl 57 opening night, Monday, Feb. 6, 2023, in Phoenix. The Kansas City Chiefs will play the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday. (AP Photo/Ross D. Franklin)

Family reunion

I remember the first time I met Jacob Huesman. It was at Mocassin Bend Golf Course and he was preparing for his junior year of high school.

It was not long after his dad Russ had accepted the job at his alma mater, UTC.

Young Huesman was respectful, as you would expect. We talked football and golf.

I had no idea the impact each would have on Chattanooga football since that summer day more than a decade ago.

I remember thinking, "that's an impressive kid." I was right then, and now the former Baylor School and UTC star quarterback and former UTC assistant coach is joining his dad's staff at Richmond as the Spiders' QB coach.

When Russ -- who may be the only person who likes the NFL draft and the accompanying movie "Draft Day" as much as I do -- got back to me earlier this week about adding his oldest son to his staff, the excitement was clear, both as a dad for his son's next step forward and as football head coach who was adding a young coach whose best days are in front of him.

I asked Russ if I could ask him a few questions, and here's our text exchange.

Me: "Coach, congrats on adding Jacob to your staff. Hope all is well."

Russ: "Excited to have him. He is staying with us until (the) end of February. We watched 'Tombstone' the other night."

(Side note: Russ said "Tombstone" was his favorite movie when he was asked on the radio several years ago. It made quite the impression on him. He recently told me it has been replaced on his list by "Moneyball.")

Me: "First thought ... Hiring your son is cool, but as the head coach you have to know that every coach you hire you may have to fire. Have you thought about that, and what would momma say?

"What is Jacob's ceiling as a coach?

"There is no possible way that Kevin Costner pulls off the last-minute trades in 'Draft Day,' right?"

Russ: "I thought you said two fun questions. Number 1 is not a fun question. Number 2 is also not that fun, but here goes. Whenever you hire someone, you never think you will have to fire that person. As long as they are working hard and coaching their position the right way, you won't have to let them go. Jacob has always been a hard worker and a competitor. He will have some learning curves, but we don't play for six months.

"All young coaches strive to move up the ladder. I have no idea what his ceiling is. It is totally up to him. How much knowledge does he absorb on a daily basis. Does he love being in the office? I do know that he is a sharp person who will do whatever it takes to win."

"Not sure if Costner could pull that off on draft day. What made my head explode was his mom wanting to spread the ashes one hour before the draft. I think the day before the draft would have been better, but I don't write movies. Jacob and I watched that one Saturday. Always love chatting with you."

No, the Huesmans don't write movies.

They coach football. And they are pretty dang good at it, too.

This fall, though, they will do it together now.

Super wagers

So the Super Bowl is this week. Maybe you've heard about.

According to a survey run by the Gaming Association, 50 million Americans are planning to wager $16 billion in some way or shape on the Super Bowl.

That's of course an average of more than $300 per bettor.

That number is boosted by overly large bets, like one gambler putting $35,000 on "no kickoffs will be returned for a touchdown" to win $2,500, according to this CBSsports.com article.

That article has a slew of other crazy prop bets folks have put down, including someone putting $8 on the Eagles scoring exactly 4 points Sunday. If that crazy number hits, 8 bucks becomes $80,000.

Of course we will have more on the Super Bowl all week, and the coverage got jump started last night with QBs Patrick Mahomes and Jalen Hurts meeting with the media.

We also have our Super Duper Props Drop, our Super Bowl contest, and entering is easy. And free. Just email your answer to the following 10 actual NFL prop bets for the Super Bowl between Kansas City and Philadelphia. The player with the most right out of the first nine with the 10th question serving as a tie-breaker with Price is Right rules in effect.

Winner gets lunch on me. Deal? Deal.

1. Super Bowl MVP.

2. First player to score a TD.

3. Over/under 49.5 total points.

4. Longest TD play over/under 40.5 yards.

5. Chris Stapleton's National Anthem over/under 125 seconds.

6. Coin toss heads or tails.

7. Rihanna's first song in the halftime performance.

8. Last player to score a TD.

9. Color of Gatorade used on the victorious coach.

10. Patrick Mahomes total rushing yards in the Super Bowl.

"Yellow" fever

So there have been whispers that Kevin Costner is leaving "Yellowstone." (Side question: We've had a few Costner references today, no?)

They were circulating enough and gaining enough traction that Paramount responded to the reports, saying, "there's no news to report." Well, if Costner does leave, it would make some sense considering that the entertainment value has left "Yellowstone" for some time now and vamoosed over to the numbered Dutton-family spin offs.

You would have to figure that if Costner leaves, the show dies completely, right? Other than Rip, there's not really a likable character left. Yes, Kayse is fine, but his story line -- and especially his Mrs. -- brings me down.

Which also leads us to another Deadline report that season five may be the end of the run for "Yellowstone."

And while we may have been a tad over the top about all entertainment value leaving the current Dutton clan, it has become a hodgepodge of the overly political, obviously predictable and outrageously preposterous.

Simply put "1883" was great, and "1923" is significantly more enjoyable than the current season of "Yellowstone."

While the prequels have been fun and at times fantastic, there's some more intrigue in the "Yellowstone" universe as there are reports that another Dutton-spin off could include Matthew McConaughey.

And if that's the case, well, the only thing to say to that is "alright, alright, alright."

Am I right?

This and that

-- Speaking of former UTC coaches, here's Paschall on former Charlotte head coach Will Healy -- who grew up here -- landing on Gus Malzahn's staff at UCF. You know the rules people.

-- Nice day for the Plays of the Day on Monday as we nailed an easy win with Miami drumming an emotionally spent Duke and got Kansas covering the 3 at home against Texas.

-- Speaking of football coaches who worked for their dads, did you see the details added to Iowa OC Brian Ferentz' contract after the Hawkeyes were one of the worst Power Five offenses maybe of all time? Ferentz, who had his salary cut by $50K, must direct Iowa to an average of 25 points per game and the team needs to win at least seven games or else. If the Iowa offense hits those bench marks, Ferentz will get a six-figure bonus and have his two-year rollover contract reinstated. First thought: Wow, why aren't more coach contracts (especially assistant coaches) goal-oriented like this one? My second thought is go ahead and give me Iowa minus-the-points in those three non-conference games to start the season (vs. Utah State, at Iowa State and vs. Western Michigan). Got to believe with nine Big Ten games and an Iowa winter after that, Young Ferentz is going to do everything in his power to score 45-plus against each of the non-conference foes, right?

-- More coaching hires. Alabama's Nick Saban has added former Notre Dame OC Tommy Rees as the Tide's play-caller and Kevin Steele as Bama's DC. I'd say those are two pretty familiar names around the college football realm.

-- What a testament to the changing way NBA teams play offense. Klay Thompson scored 42 for the Warriors last night -- making 12 3s -- without attempting a single free throw. That's kind of surreal, no?

-- Keith Mitchell finished tied for fourth at the AT&T tournament, which finished Monday. The former Baylor School and Georgia star made a tidy $378,750 for the event.

-- I have long wondered why there was a "History of the World, Part I" from the comedic genius that is Mel Brooks but now Part 2. Well that question can be put to bed as Brooks and his cast of comedy characters are putting out a "History of the World, Part II" TV series. Count me in.

Today's questions

True or false, it's Tuesday.

True or false, you'll give "History of the World, Part II" a shot.

True or false, Jacob Huesman will be a college head coach at some point.

True or false, "Yellowstone" is done.

True or false, you will enter the Super Duper Prop Drop.

True or false, you were aware that spring training starts next week for most teams. (Seriously.)

True or false, A.J. Green, who retired Monday, is a Hall of Famer.

You know the drill. Answer some T or Fs, leave some T or Fs.

As for today, Feb. 7, let's review.

Speaking of Mel Brooks, "Blazing Saddles" premiered on this day in 1974. Wow, "Blazing Saddles" is almost 50 folks.

Heck, Garth Brooks is 61 today.

We have to do a Rushmore of Brooks, with the -s, right?