Invaluable lesson in human kindness and more letters to the editors

Invaluable lesson in human kindness

I flew to Denver for a mountain weekend with friends over the Christmas holiday. Upon arrival, I was informed my luggage, keys and I.D. had been lost.

Days later, when I went to board my return flight, I had high hopes the airline would have located my belongings.

It had not. I went to my gate expecting to still be able to board, but the airline refused to let me without paying an extra fee, which I could not do. I had no money, no ID, no place to stay and no flight home. I was told to “pay or leave.” The gates closed.

I sat on the terminal floor, defeated and sobbing. Next to me, a man approached to offer his sympathy. After telling him what had happened to me, he did something unthinkable. He walked me to the counter and purchased the last ticket on a flight out of Denver. The ticket cost much more than I could afford, and I offered to pay it back in installments. But he said all he wanted was to make sure I made it home safely.

I never got my stuff back, but I did gain an invaluable lesson about human kindness that will be with me forever.

Kirbi Ward

Do we want more of this?

Biden and Harris on TV praising each other for a great two years of governing our country ...

1. Border control crisis!

2. Drugs freely flowing in!

3. Cartels coming in!

4. Crime problems higher!

5. Human trafficking!

6. Inflation!

7. Food prices higher than ever!

8. Sex, wokeness taught in schools instead of reading, writing and arithmetic!

9. Tents and filth in the cities!

10. Lazy people not working!

Should we continue how wonderful the middle class is doing paying all their hard-earned taxes for all this horror that Biden has created?

Anita Amico, Rocky Face, Ga.

Believes U.S. House has become a circus

I need to hold back my anger as I write this letter. I am appalled at what is happening in the People's House, the U.S. House of Representatives. Calling up words is near impossible. I will give it my best effort.

A recent bumper sticker comes to my mind. "Elect a clown, expect a circus." Unfortunately, the clowns have potential to bring our democracy to the point of disaster. I have one of my own "Republicans [who] seem to be shooting themselves in their feet and celebrating their aim." Wow!

Wake up, folks, and get involved. Call Rep. Chuck Fleischmann and Sens. Blackburn and Hagerty. They need to hear our outrage and our fear for our democracy.

Irv Ginsburg

Overcome sin nature with God relationship

The brutality inflicted on Tyre Nichols in Memphis is another tragic example of man's inhumanity to man. Throughout history, man has exhibited this capacity to act more like animals than like humans. On a large scale, consider the examples of slavery and the Holocaust; on a more individual scale, Tyre Nichols is the most recent of far too many examples.

It is expected that animals will act like this, especially wild animals in packs. We rightly expect mankind to act with humanity to each other, but too often we fail.

I am convinced every one of us has the capacity to act similarly -- it is in our nature. Many influences (family, community, church) can get us to repress this nature, but it is always there. And, tragically, there are influences that feed this nature, that promote hate, division, revenge, envy, suspicion, etc.

You can call it what you want, but it is hard to deny that such a nature is in each one of us. The biblical teaching is that it is our sin nature but that we can overcome this sin nature with a living and growing relationship with the one true God of the universe.

Dennis Urbaniak, Signal Mountain

Objective reporting going out the window

There is a movement in American journalism to abolish age-old objectivity standards. The discovery of facts and reporting them in a fair, balanced and accurate way is now somehow a bad thing, because it doesn't accommodate "social justice" aims. Therefore, "advocacy" journalism must replace objective truth. Basically, it means journalism now only cares about its preferred narratives.

Reality-based reporting and gathering facts from legitimate sources are hard work.

Talking parrots can do that sort of reporting, and that's what journalism has become -- schools for parrots. Much like totalitarian countries, the "party line" must be pounded into the population daily. No wonder public trust in all media is in the sub-basement.

The media never seem to think anything through to its logical conclusion. How many "talking-head" parrots will be needed to push the state's desired propaganda narrative once total government control is achieved, as leftists/Democrats always seems to favor? How many Pulitzer Prizes are awarded yearly in North Korea, Cuba, Russia or China? And what happens to all those unnecessary journalistic advocates, then -- imprisonment or simple "disappearance?"

Polly want a cracker?

Tony Scott, Signal Mountain

Biden must lay out Ukraine strategy

Why are Joe Biden and his administration so intent on escalating the war in Ukraine rather then pressuring the two nations to get to the negotiating table to try to end the conflict? Why is Biden pouring more and more billions into this conflict and sending more and more weapons?

Has his administration not learned any of the lessons from the past far-away conflicts the U.S. jumped into, such as Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan, only to experience disastrous results after pouring in millions of dollars and sacrificing hundreds of soldiers' lives?

Joe Biden needs to go immediately before Congress and the American people and lay out three key things: (1) What is the compelling U.S. vital interest that demands that we must enter deeper and deeper into this conflict? (2) What is the specific strategy for this war? Is it regime change in Russia? Is it trying to re-take Crimea? (3) Finally, how is the U.S. going to pay for this when we are broke?

He hasn't spelled out any of this, and he needs to do immediately before one more dollar, or one more weapon, is sent over there.

J. Johns, Ringgold, Ga.

'My Fair Lady' crosses the line

Don't you just love giving gifts? For Christmas, instead of gifting a sweater, a vase or candlestick, I purchased tickets to "My Fair Lady" for my mother, my daughter, my sister, my daughter-in-law and my sweet, little, elementary school-age granddaughter. My little granddaughter dressed up in a formal dress, and many stopped to look at her as she was so beautiful and sweet.

Memorial Auditorium was packed. Young and old, children of various ages, all were enjoying the music and dance.

But then, what to my wondering eyes should appear but six to eight men dressed as women dancing to "I'm Getting Married in the Morning." What? One man was in a corset, socks and shoes, and a wedding veil only. Another was wearing only a girl's lacy, one-piece lingerie. I was horrified that my little angel was seeing something for the first time that someone that age should never see! It was pornography!

In my opinion, that scene was not appropriate for anyone. We were blindsided. The costumes and dancer movements during this scene were not appropriate for a family show.

Please stand with me and contact your city leaders to ask them to protect our children.

Aleta Rannick