Hamilton County judge dismisses three charges against MTV ‘Teen Mom’ star Ryan Edwards

  photo  Hamilton County Sheriff's Office / Ryan Edwards

MTV "Teen Mom" star Ryan Edwards entered a guilty plea for harassment Tuesday, and a Hamilton County General Sessions Court Judge dismissed three additional charges against him.

"Don't mess this up," Judge Gary Starnes told Edwards. "I will not hesitate to revoke your probation."

Edwards, 35, appeared in court accompanied by his mother. He was also facing charges of possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of a controlled substance and stalking, which were dismissed as part of a plea deal.

Edwards received a suspended 11-month 29-day sentence and was placed on probation for the harassment conviction.

Edwards was arrested on Jan. 24 for an alleged violation of probation and arrested a second time on Feb. 10 for violation of an order of protection after his wife, Mackenzie Edwards, told Hamilton County deputies her husband had posted revealing photos of her to his Instagram account, according to a February news release from the Sheriff's Office.

"No contact with the victim," Starnes said. "No social media relating to this victim... You're all over the news. Everything you say or do on there is going to be published, OK?"

Starnes further instructed Edwards not to respond to any messages posted about him or to make any posts about Mackenzie Edwards.

Ryan Edwards, who is out on $55,000 bond and a GPS monitoring device, will go to a rehabilitation center in Austin, Texas, for at least 45 days.

"Forty-five days is not going to do anything but detox you," Starnes said. "You need to stay down there between six months to a year."

Ryan Edwards and Mackenzie Edwards, who share three children, ended their six-year relationship earlier this year, with Mackenzie Edwards filing for divorce and asking for a restraining order, according to the February news release from the Sheriff's Office.

Mackenzie Edwards claims that Ryan Edwards threatened her during a Feb. 8 phone call, according to a sworn affidavit from the Sheriff's Office.

"You've been struggling with this a long time," Starnes said, stressing that Edwards should take advantage of the opportunity he has been given to get sober and get his life together.

Edwards is due to appear before Starnes for a status hearing on April 20.

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