The Chattanooga Chamber’s Business INCubator creates a $70 million impact in Hamilton County. Meet five of its entrepreneurs.

Photography by Yasmin Rubayo / Jeff Coffey, founder & CEO of Zoe Angling Group.

Located in downtown Chattanooga and housed inside the Hamilton County Business Development Center, the Chattanooga Chamber's INCubator is the largest business incubator in Tennessee and third largest in the United States. Serving as an integral part of Chattanooga's entrepreneurial ecosystem for more than 30 years, the program provides 127,000 square feet of startup business support aimed at cultivating sustainable enterprises that create jobs for Hamilton County.

Inside the INC, a diverse and multicultural community comes together to advance Chattanooga's sustainable workforce. Entrepreneurs come from many backgrounds and industries including tech, manufacturing, food and beverage, and more. These companies become integral parts of our economy, providing good jobs and continued investments in the region.

In fact, a recent survey shows that INC clients and graduates bring more than $70 million in economic impact for Hamilton County.

Here are some of the diverse entrepreneurs making their mark inside the INC.


Jeff Coffey founded the Zoe Angling Group in 2014 after discovering a dark truth of fly-tying industries overseas, where women and children are trafficked to manufacture flies used by fishermen.

Determined to make a difference, Coffey launched his fair-labor fly tying company under the name Fair Flies. Later, Fair Flies became Zoe Angling Group when co-founder and Director of Partnerships and Digital, Chris Allen, joined the team.

Today, Zoe Angling Group partners with worldwide organizations that implement fair trade structures, sustainable practices and provide livable wage jobs to empower employees, prioritize ethical transparency and promote innovation.

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  photo Photography by Yasmin Rubayo / Ella Livingston works in the Cocoa Asante kitchen.



Founded by Ella Livingston in 2018, Cocoa Asante is a luxury chocolate company that offers bars and bonbons using ethically sourced cacao.

Despite being new in the industry, Cocoa Asante's chocolate tradition dates back generations to Livingston's family cacao farm in Ghana. Livingston's home country, Ghana, has a reputation for producing the world's best cacao beans, with more than 70% of the world's cacao coming from Africa's west coast.

Cocoa Asante is committed to becoming a bean-to-bar company, allowing them to control the entire production process from the bean to the final chocolate bar. This control will allow the company to invest more in the cacao-growing communities of Ghana and ensure customers receive the highest quality chocolate on the market.

By purchasing Cocoa Asante products, chocolate lovers everywhere can support a movement that values sustainability, fair trade and transparency.

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  photo Photography by Yasmin Rubayo / Audrey Loyd, co-owner and production manager of Fusion Threads



As a lifelong seamstress and fair-trade fashion advocate, Mariel Rico founded the sustainable clothing brand – Fusion Threads Co. – in 2018. Prior to starting Fusion Threads, Rico spent five months in Peru working with women artisans under a small fair-trade brand. In 2021, co-owner Audrey Loyd joined the team, bringing her expertise in costume design and dye art.

Fusion Threads clothing is designed to be comfortable, easy to wear, beautiful and flattering. The brand uses luxurious natural fibers and low-impact fiber reactive dyes. Each piece of clothing is stitched twice to ensure longevity, challenging the disposable nature of fast fashion companies.

Fusion Threads also offer made-to-order collections throughout the year – believing all women are entitled to beautiful clothing that fits their unique shape. Shoppers select their favorite designs and preferred seasonal colorway before inputting their measurements into the order form. Fusion Threads then crafts the perfect garment for the customer's body, delivering a personalized and sustainable clothing experience.

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  photo Photography by Yasmin Rubayo / Ben Beasley, leathercrafter and founder of Chattanooga Leather Works.



Ben Beasley, leathercrafter and founder of Chattanooga Leather Works, is bringing high-quality craftsmanship to the knife sheath industry. The company takes great pride in creating each item as a unique work of art, crafted with care to last a lifetime. Their philosophy is rooted in a deep appreciation for the art of leatherworking, which involves using the finest quality materials and traditional techniques perfected over generations. The result is a range of products that are functional, durable and beautiful.

Chattanooga Leather Works also recognizes the industry's environmental impact and takes a conscious approach to the production process by minimizing waste and reducing the carbon footprint. Using only ethically sourced leather, they ensure that products are environmentally friendly while maintaining the highest quality.

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  photo Photography by Yasmin Rubayo / Nick Johnson, owner of One Off Robotics.



Nick Johnson leads a team of skilled engineers at One Off Robotics who recognize the crucial role of robotic fabrication in the modern world. They specialize in developing the world's most advanced robotic fabrication systems to simplify even the most complex manufacturing problems.

The team builds their customizable digital manufacturing systems on industry-leading motion control platforms, offering several axis configurations with multiple robots. Their systems cover both additive and subtractive manufacturing, with the ability to perform robotic 3D printing, robot machining, and robot CNC trimming and laser cutting. By using these advanced robotic systems, One Off Robotics delivers unparalleled precision and efficiency in fabrication, saving time and money for their clients.

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