What To Eat Next

Happy Wednesday! This is Andre, and welcome back to What to Eat Next. I'm glad you have entrusted me with your appetites.

Find out:

How Steve Ray and Owl's Nest Barbecue won the people's choice award at the Scenic City Eggfest


Ask Andre

Question: Do we have good fresh Middle Eastern or anything African?

-- Ben Van Gaasbeek

Answer: I heard there was an Ethiopian restaurant a few years back, but that location was taken over by Calliope, which has some of the most innovative Middle-Eastern food you'll ever eat.

It's that season! which coffee shop makes the best latte?

-- Goodman's.

-- Velo.

-- Frothy Monkey.

-- Somebody else. (Respond to this email with your suggestion.)

What I'm eating

Brisket from Owl's Nest Barbecue

There's a reason Steve Ray and his Owl's Nest BBQ team took home the plaque for the people's choice award at the 6th annual Scenic City Eggfest, this past weekend in Collegedale. I'm going to forever stand my ground concerning pastrami being better than any brisket (sorry, Texas) But, what Owl's nest did was masterful. The bark was impeccable, the smoke rings were immaculate and the meat so tender and flavorful.

What I'm drinking

Hot Chocolate from the Hot Chocolatier

A nice, breezy day like this is perfect for a drink like this. I always go with the original hot chocolate because it's one of the only flavors that you can purchase and make it in the comfort of your own home (just make sure you have plenty of whipped cream) But they also have a lineup of other flavors that are just as delicious like: pistachio rose, s'mores, peppermint and gingerbread for whenever Christmas rolls around.