Build the stadium, on developers’ dime and more letters to the editors

Build the stadium, on developers' dime

As a lifelong resident of the Chattanooga area, I am incredibly excited about the proposed new stadium and can't wait to attend games, eat dinners nearby and more. Its addition will bring significant benefits for the city of Chattanooga. Chattanooga, in my opinion, is the best town in America, and this stadium could be a fantastic opportunity for us.

However, if the project is as beneficial for the city as claimed, why is there a need for government involvement at all? Shouldn't developers, investors and bankers be lined up ready to participate and profit from it? If taxpayer funds are used, will the public receive perks like free tickets or parking? If not, why not?

Taxpayers are already facing costs related to infrastructure and road improvements. I firmly believe that the developers should bear these expenses entirely. If the project is not viable or profitable without taxpayer support, perhaps it's not a project that should be done.

Finally, while the promise of job creation and increased tax revenue is often cited to why taxpayer investments are required for major projects, so why aren't my property taxes going down?

Bradley Chambers

Baseball fan can't wait for new park

I am writing today to express my support for the new Chattanooga Lookouts stadium project. I have been a baseball fan my whole life and was thrilled to learn that Chattanooga had a minor league team (the second oldest one to boot).

I have lived in Chattanooga since 2011 and have attended no less than 20 games per season (except 2020, of course). I am a local real estate agent, and as a gift to my valuable clients (over 200 of them), I offer each of them up to four Lookouts tickets per year. I send out a schedule and my offer, and so many of them call me immediately to schedule their dates.

The Lookouts are part of what make Chattanooga so special. I'm truly looking forward to seeing the growth and excitement that the new stadium and all that will surround it will bring to our scenic city.

Kathryn Hill

Hoping for more of Trump 'democracy'

Joe Biden and the Democrats have one primary theme as they enter into this election year. They are warning all of us that if Donald Trump is elected president in November, we are all going to lose our democracy. Isn't that a scary thought?

But wait a minute ... that is the strangest thing I have ever heard. "Lose our democracy?" Think about it. He was our president for four years. I didn't realize that whole time that I had lost my "democracy" for even one second. Did you?

I remember that we had unparalleled economic prosperity under his leadership. I remember that we had no terrible foreign wars that involved the U.S. during his presidency.

I remember that he fought hard to secure our Southern border and that we did not have the thousands and millions of foreign nationals just walking right into our country as we have now.

And so, Mr. Biden, please be more specific, in light of what Donald Trump already accomplished when he was president.

How can you say with such intensity and certainty that he is going to "destroy our democracy" if he is elected president again?

J. Johns

Ringgold, Ga.

Shall we end all this cool socialism?

In her Sunday column, Star Parker should have expanded her attack on Social Security and socialism. I have some helpful hints (note: this letter contains sarcasm).

Let us start with the post office invented by that notable socialist Ben Franklin and public schools (Land Ordinance of 1785) pushed by that prominent socialist Thomas Jefferson. In addition, stop rest areas on highways, public sewer services, public water services (think of what an improvement it would be if private interests controlled the water supply), and fire departments. After extinguishing public subways, various roads and highways (including the interstate highway system pushed by that famous socialist Dwight D. Eisenhower), let us attack museums, libraries (already underway), public parks, zoos and government-run recycling systems. Lastly, don't forget the Tennessee Valley Authority. It must be expunged from our memories.

In addition, let us prevent any government inspections of meat and other foodstuffs, air and water quality, and various medications. We could wrap it all up with a protest in downtown Chattanooga in which we publicly burn both our Medicare and our Social Security cards, the latter pioneered by yet another socialist, Otto Von Bismarck of Germany.

Michael V. Woodward

Moccasin Bend and possible next steps

The TFP has done a great job of sharing all the reasons why the mental health institute should not be rebuilt on the current site, to include more than 2,000 signatures from citizens expressing their concern. But what are the alternatives?

The national trend is to build multi-story new facilities on or near the campus of academic medical centers so they can share the diagnostic/therapeutic capabilities and collaboration necessary for a contemporary "brain health hospital." This approach also will provide a safe facility for patients, families, staff and the community, accessible to all three hospital emergency departments and public transportation.

Chattanooga is fortunate to have three potential sites that are more accessible, less costly to acquire and build, and may be available for a "state of the art" facility: the five-acre site in the rear of the Erlanger campus (preliminary site plan already developed); the six-acre site at Engel Stadium; and the 100-acre TVA site on Amnicola Highway and Highway 153.

Now that Tennessee officials have selected a design firm, there should be a transparent site evaluation process, shared with the community, listing all the key requirements, with the recommended site for this critically needed facility.

Bruce Komiske

Solve our problems with all involved

An article in a recent Times Free Press touted the leaders of police, health, clergy and residents who came together to discuss solutions to gun violence.

Where were the politicians who hold the key to solving (or not) this huge problem? Were they not invited? My own representatives, Yusuf Hakeem, Todd Gardenhire and Chuck Fleischmann were not mentioned. Is this an area of concern for any of them? Then a few pages over I read in the same issue of the TFP that felons must have their gun rights restored before they can have voting rights restored. What the heck?

SueCarol Elvin

GOP 'swoop' strategy a loser

The Republicans are playing a very dangerous game as they are creating a "swoop effect." This is where they will allow Ukraine to be defeated by our enemy Russia, they won't pass a budget, and they will allow their so-called "border invasion" to continue.

The "swoop effect" is when Trump gets re-elected and "swoops" in and magically with the Republicans' help, he "solves" all these problems.

What if in our weakened state on Election Day a real enemy attacks us and we are defeated? Republicans, help solve our problems now.

Joel Blake

New stadium would be a boon to city

I strongly support the proposed Chattanooga Lookouts stadium. This investment will not only benefit sports enthusiasts but also boost community engagement and economic development. A new, modern stadium can attract more fans, fostering unity and pride. Increased foot traffic may lead to local business growth, creating a positive economic impact.

The stadium is an opportunity to showcase Chattanooga's vibrant spirit, enhancing our city's reputation. It goes beyond sports, contributing to the overall well-being of our community.

I urge city leaders and residents to consider the long-term benefits and support this project. Together, we can build a legacy for generations.

Jeremy Watts

Chatsworth, Ga.

Heed author's words as '24 elections near

From Octavia Butler's "Parable of the Talents":

"Choose your leaders with wisdom and forethought. To be led by a coward is to be controlled by all that the coward fears. To be led by a fool is to be led by the opportunists who control the fool. To be led by a thief is to offer up your most precious treasures to be stolen. To be led by a liar is to ask to be told lies. To be led by a tyrant is to sell yourself and those you love into slavery."

Earl Berkun

Credit Biden, Harris with our 'hot mess'

Kamala Harris has stated she "and Biden would be more popular if they took more credit for the things they have don are some things they can take credit for:

› Open borders. They invited all to come through our Southern border.

› Inflation. Families are suffering from the price of food, gas and cannot pay their bills. Sixty percent of families live from paycheck to paycheck.

› Crime. Parents fear for their children's safety; too many schools have too many issues that are so incredibly wrong for our children.

Joe promised he would bring our country together. Our country is a hot mess. What happened, Joe?

Ruth Cote

Third party hopefuls: Please stand down

Did Trump's supporters notice him saying in Iowa, "You can't sit home. Even if you vote and then pass away, it's worth it." Worth it to him, safe and warm from that life-imperiling cold snap? And what about the peril to our country caused by border insecurity which Trump says must remain as it is until he is re-elected? But wasn't border security an urgent issue? Didn't our legislative branch work on a fix until he, a private citizen, said "no"?

And on health care (as quoted in the TFP on Jan. 29 on page A6), Trump said, "The cost of Obamacare is out of control, plus it's not good health care. I'm seriously looking at the alternatives ... ." Yeah, for nine years you've been looking at alternatives "seriously" and come up with zilch. You had better luck with election fraud theories. That only took days.

So, please, Green Party, don't throw another election to the scorched-earth Republicans. You enabled the Supreme Court to defeat Gore and the Electoral College to defeat Clinton. If you truly are "green," do not throw this vital election to Trump for all our sakes and that of our Earth.

Lucy Taylor

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