Biden best president since FDR or LBJ and more letters to the editors

Biden best president since FDR or LBJ

The media is obsessed with Biden's age. When you hear "his age," just replace it with "her emails." To remain profitable, the media must keep us stirred up, clicking, focused on the horse race (not the issues).

Despite, and possibly because of his age and experience, Biden has accomplished more to help everyday working families than any president since FDR or LBJ.

It's impressive that someone with "dementia" can accomplish:

› Capping insulin at $35/month

› Lowest sustained unemployment rate in 50 years

› Record stock market

› Fighting junk fees for credit cards and banks

› Got COVID vaccine out to every one for free

› Passed Infrastructure Act and Inflation Reduction Act

› Erasing student debt for 40 million borrowers

Do you want a president who hires experts in their fields or one who hires loyal lackeys? Do you want a man who works day and night to make life better for workers, patients, consumers and the environment, or one who thinks, talks endlessly about himself, and fights for dictators and billionaires? Do you want a man who believes in democracy and preserving our institutions or one who wants to burn it all down and rule according to his whims?

Helen Stapleton

Would Trump, Greene qualify for Ga. GOP?

The Catoosa County GOP's governing board is trying to deny several of the county's incumbent officials the right to run for re-election as Republicans this year, claiming that they do not adequately reflect the values of the Georgia GOP's platform, which calls for limited government and respect for the Constitution.

This must mean that neither Donald Trump nor Marjorie Taylor Greene will be on the Catoosa County Republican ballot this fall.

David Cofield

LaFayette, Georgia

Inclusivity clogging real school choice

As a parent of two, I have fought to get my kids into the school that would be best suited for them. I have even moved our family to do so once, rather than trick the system and lie like many parents to place their child into the school zone they prefer.

One reason many parents are resorting to this is due to the overcrowding that inclusion (racial demographics, ELL student needs and students inadequately prepared for kindergarten) has created.

Why does Hamilton County have a program called "school choice," which means you have only two or three magnet schools that you can choose if your child is chosen in a lottery. Is the choice up to parents or are we left to move, lie, fight and fill out hardship forms for the slim chance to get our kids where they need to be?

It is not racist or in any way wrong to want our kids to go to a school that is closer to us or a school that is not crowded. I have spoken at the school board, to a senator and a commissioner. I have had them tell me that, yes, I am correct. But what is actually happening and what I see are very far apart.

Christine Diwan

Don't swallow the fake news on Trump

I was amused reading the letter about all the garbage a recent writer had written on Trump. For example, Trump did not incite an "insurrection." He was never charged or convicted as such. And he told 30,000 lies in office? Have you listened to the Biden administration lately? "The border is secured. Inflation is low and under control. Migrant crime is a lie. Trump is a Russian asset."

The writer must be watching nothing but CNN and MSNBC — known fake news outlets.

Apparently, some people living in the higher altitude with thinner air around Chattanooga are experiencing brain damage.

Gary Hayes

Stop the rhetoric; immigrants are helpful

It's time to we cut through the noise and tell the truth about immigration: Our economy and community have become stronger because of immigrants.

The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office estimates the U.S. economy will grow by an extra $7 trillion over the next 10 years, thanks to immigrants. But we don't have to wait for the future to see how immigrants have and continue to strengthen the economy of the United States. In 2021, immigrants paid $524.7 billion in taxes. That's money that helps fuel our nation's K-12 schools, Medicaid and Social Security programs. Immigrants help support our communities as consumers and taxpayers.

Don't believe it? Donald Trump's appointed Federal Reserve chair, Jerome H. Powell, recognized the massive contributions immigrants make in a recent national interview, saying, "a big part of the story of the labor market coming back into better balance is immigration returning to levels that were more typical of the pre-pandemic era."

So let's give credit where credit is due. We need to stop the anti-immigrant rhetoric and end the zero-sum mindset. Immigration truly is essential for our economic growth and our communities' prosperity. Besides, immigrants are the people who built and continue to build the United States.

Rory May

How are we letting FBI get away with it?

A lot of new insights and information are surfacing about the FBI's and Justice Department's aggressive tactics in going after the 1,100-plus J-6 defendants. And the bigger story centers not so much on the supposed crimes of the defendants, but on the over-the-top tactics of the FBI and the DOJ.

So many of the crimes have been misdemeanor charges such as "trespassing." There have been no murder charges, no weapons charges, no setting fire to a federal building charges.

So how can the FBI justify employing SWAT teams to arrest so many of these defendants? They can't.

And how can they justify imprisoning so many of these defendants in pretrial detention for months and even years before bringing them to trial? They can't. How can they justify refusing bail for any of these defendants? They can't.

This should not ever be allowed here in the USA. But it has happened and it is continuing to happen.

J. Johns

Ringgold, Georgia

And another reason not to vote for Trump

In response to a letter to the editor last Sunday, "Are Trump's acts worthy of Christians?": I agree with the writer's 15 reasons to not vote for Donald Trump, but I wish to add number 16.

How many of our past presidents have divorced two wives and been married to three different women? And what about the Sixth Commandment (Thou shalt not commit adultery)? Where does Trump fit into those questions?

Brenda Locklear

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