The Rant

Fact: forever chemicals found in dangerous concentrations in North Georgia water. Fact: Forever chemicals cause developmental impairment. Fact: North Georgia politics now has explanation.

A development for seniors sounds wonderful. Don't worry about traffic. We don't go anywhere; we're retired.

To a recent letter writer: Put down your stones and clean your glass house.

Construction money delayed for new stadium start. Not a reassuring beginning for such a "transformative" project. A sign of things to come?

There are 105,399 Tennessee private school students. Under Lee's voucher program of $7,000 per, that's $737,373,000 cost to the state. I wonder where that money will come from?

Where is Jim Coppinger and the county commission when the McDonald family needs to sell beautiful property?

Why shouldn't a photo ID be required to vote? It's required to drive, buy beer, liquor, cigarettes, get into events, doctors' offices. Not to vote?

How can the pope encourage the Ukraine to wave the white flag but not call out Russia to stop military takeover? Out of his lane.

Fire and brimstone: Go Joe!

Can you imagine asking the VP what she does for her job and she says meet 150 world leaders? That's the best accomplishment she's got?

A vote for Donald Trump is a vote to lower your Social Security and your Medicare. He said it on the news.

Now we have lawfare. Have you noticed yet which side is using lawfare, and, by the way, losing most cases? Shakespeare was right re: lawyers.

If Trump's lips are moving, he's probably lying. So Katie Britt lied on the Republican SOTU response. Shocking.

If the economy is so strong and unemployment at an all-time low, why would Biden cancel billions of dollars of student loans? Aren't we already $34 trillion in debt?

Justice is no longer blind. In the Trump-to-Raffensperger phone call, she's taken her blindfold off and stuffed it in her ears.

Who in Washington came up with the 2.3% inflation this year? Since Biden took office: food up 40%, natural gas 29%, electricity 25%, building materials 38%, rent 20%. Wake up.

Job 34:17: "Can he who hates justice govern?"

Don't vote based on personality or emotions you have. Vote on the proven records of office. They each have one. Vastly different.

They said he's "not horrible; that's just locker room talk." Now it's he's "disgustingly horrible, but love his policies." What excuse will be swallowed next?

Biden is on his last legs. He knows it. Jill knows it. Democrats know it. This is inhumane to watch.

A convenient thing about voting for Trump: You'll never have to vote for president again. Once you have a dictator, they pick their successor.

Advice to Biden on the economy: When you're selling a "manure" sandwich, don't try to tell people it tastes good.

Letter to the editor: "Biden must pass a cognitive test before the election." Wait. MAGA said he was the mastermind behind Trump's various legal troubles.

All you defund folks, your crow is served.

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