Council approves slashing stormwater budget

The City Council approved in a 6-3 vote Tuesday night slashing the water quality, or stormwater, budget by more than $10 million and giving a break to those who are nonresidential users.

"I was a bit surprised," said Council Chairman Jack Benson afterward. "I didn't know they would come down that much."

PDF: Water quality memorandum

The new proposed rate would stay the same for Chattanooga residences at $115.20 a year, or $9.60 a month. The council cut the nonresidential rate from $9.60 a month per equivalent residential unit to $6.15 a month. A city administration proposal three weeks ago called for a $6.50 per-month rate, but council members found an additional savings of more than $300,000 because the city did not hire an additional nine employees for the program over a nine-month period.