Greeson: Ooltewah attack leaves pain, questions and prayers for the victim

Ooltewah High School is located at 6123 Mountain View Road.

My heart aches for the 15-year-old Ooltewah High School student who was reportedly assaulted by his teammates while away at a basketball tournament in Gatlinburg, Tenn., earlier this month.

The details - involving a pool cue and a punctured colon, according to multiple sources - are stomach-turning. It's the type of story you would associate with a Quentin Tarantino movie or some Third-World torture chamber.

photo Jay Greeson


Never would you expect such horror to emerge from a high school basketball team from a Chattanooga suburb. New reports indicate three other members of the team may have been "hazed" in the incident.

The questions raised by this incident are deeply troubling.

Why did his teammates hurt this boy to the point that his life was endangered and his psyche perhaps forever damaged?

When did the locker room become a war room? (Granted, the alleged assault apparently took place in a cabin rented for the tournament, but the victim was still in the fold of the team and under the care of his coaches.)