Greeson: Chattanooga Unite offers all of us a chance to remember

Notes, trinkets and flags line the parking lot where a memorial had been set up in memory of the military personnel gunned down on July 16 in Chattanooga.

We'll forever remember July 16. All of us; each of us remembering where we were instantly as we recall the names of the five slain military men: Sgt. Thomas J. Sullivan, Staff Sgt. David Wyatt, Sgt. Carson Holmquist, Lance Cpl. Squire "Skip" Wells and Navy Petty Officer Randall Smith.

For Mickey McCamish, the memory is still vivid.

"We were part of a funeral procession for Dixie Fuller's mom, Shirley, and we were right behind the naval center," McCamish said this week. "We heard the AK-47 firing, and my only thought was, 'Who is shooting off firecrackers at this time of day?"

It was an understandable reaction. We were different then, more innocent before the murderous shooting spree near the Tennessee River.