Sohn: Change agent and schools savior wanted

Superintendent of Schools Rick Smith waits in the Hamilton County School Board meeting room.

Wanted: a change agent for all of Hamilton County's educational thinking.

We're not talking just about a new schools superintendent who can think in future tense for a school system stuck in the 1970s.

And we're not talking only about a school board shocked into an uncomfortable panic by a high school team hazing-turned-aggravated-rape incident.

We're also not talking just about the ostriches on the Hamilton County Commission who want their names over school doors and ballfield gates but put their heads in the sand when it's time to raise taxes for books, computers, art teachers and early childhood education.

Nor are we talking just about the myriad of public and private education advocacy groups and foundations in town that, year after year, offer first one, and then another, education report or blueprint or initiative.