Make Music: More than 700 cities in 120 countries participate, and now, Chattanooga

Organizers of new festival hope to grow awareness and help the local music scene

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Hear the music

Make Music Chattanooga is being held Tuesday, June 21 from noon to 9 p.m. across downtown Chattanooga venues and street corners. The festival needs volunteers as well as performers and venues. For more information, visit

Swing. Jazz. Rock. Pop.

Acoustic. Instrumental. A cappella.

I was 15, in France, and surrounded by the sounds of people making music.

But this wasn't a Bonnaroo-style musical festival designed the way Millennial Americans have come to expect, with flowered headbands and crazy campsites.

This was something much different: the French ode to music, to summertime - to life. It was passion on every corner and in each storefront; passion flowing from the performers to the passersby, and back, in a continuous loop.

As my cousins and I listened to a local rock group cover famous French artist Johnny Hallyday's hit Gabrielle, I suddenly found myself being spun out of the dance circle and onto the stage, while my companions shouted to the singer that I was, in fact, Gabrielle.