Code Orange Air Quality Alert issued for Chattanooga

A smoky haze, from the numerous area wildfires, covers the Chattanooga Skyline as seen from Renaissance Park recently.

Wildfires ravage Southeast

Wildfires throughout the region will continue to cause breathing problems for many Chattanooga residents tomorrow.

The Chattanooga-Hamilton County Air Pollution Control Bureau issued a Code Orange Air Quality Alert for Saturday as the Air Quality Index is predicted to reach 101, according to a release from the bureau.

The air could negatively effect up to 50 percent of the population, according to the release.

Older adults, teenagers, children and those with heart or lung disease should limit or avoid strenuous outdoor activity.

The bureau recommends residents stay inside with their windows and doors closed, and for those involved in outdoor activities to take extra breaks.

The air could cause coughing and wheezing, irritated eyes, chest tightness, asthma attacks, heart attacks and strokes, according to the release.

When driving, use the recycle air setting to limit outside air inside the vehicle.