Sohn: CEOs show Congress how to quit Trump

FILE — Kenneth Frazier, second from left, the chief executive of Merck, and President Donald Trump during a meeting with pharmaceutical company executives at the White House in Washington in January. Frazier and three other CEOs have shown the courage to resign as a presidential advisers. (Stephen Crowley/The New York Times)

America's top CEOs are firing Donald Trump.

To be technically correct, they are quitting Trump's American Manufacturing Council because they are recognizing this president is an empty, blustering suit.

At least six have left Trump's council in the last week in the aftermath of his failure for more than 48 hours to call out white nationalists and self-proclaimed Nazis whose alt-right rally in Charlottesville, Va., resulted in scores of injuries and three deaths - those of a counter-protester mowed down when a Nazi sympathizer roared his car into the crowd and two police officers patrolling the violence from a helicopter that crashed. Instead on Saturday the president decried hate "on many sides" - and he doubled down on that Tuesday afternoon.

The first CEO to jump, on Monday morning, was Merck & Co.