Attorneys for Ooltewah assault victims want to see private documents used to create report

The exterior of Ooltewah High School photographed on Sunday, January 31, 2016. (Staff photo by Maura Friedman)

A private lawyer created 130 or so documents while producing a report on Ooltewah High School's sexual harassment culture, and civil attorneys for the December 2015 assault victims are now demanding to see them.

Between emails, three drafts and other discussions and reports, attorney Courtney Bullard communicated with the Hamilton County Department of Education numerous times before her 24-page report on the school became public in August 2016.

But what's in those private communications? Is there proof district officials knew about the sexual abuse and failed to protect its students? Bullard concluded in her report there was no evidence the school system or Ooltewah administrators knew or should have known four freshman players would be assaulted during the basketball team's trip to Gatlinburg, Tenn.,