Three former Ooltewah High School employees file federal lawsuit over rape case fallout

Ooltewah High School Principal Jim Jarvis testifies in a hearing for coaches and administrators charged with failing to report child abuse or suspected child abuse.

Three former Ooltewah High School employees have filed a federal lawsuit claiming they were mistreated in the days and months after the pool cue rape of an Ooltewah High School freshman.

Former Ooltewah High School Principal Jim Jarvis, the school's former Athletic Director Allard "Jesse" Nayadley and former head basketball coach Andre "Tank" Montgomery filed the suit Monday.

The men, along with their wives -- Amelia Jarvis, Bonita Montgomery and Janet Nayadley -- filed the suit against the Hamilton County Department of Education, Tennessee Department of Children's Services, Hamilton County, the Hamilton County District Attorney's Office, District Attorney Neal Pinkston and former Hamilton County Schools Superintendent Rick Smith.

The 33-page lawsuit alleges negligence, wrongful discharge, fraud, defamation, civil rights violations and fiduciary duty in connection to the Ooltewah High School rape case.

"The actions of the Defendants were willful, wanton, and in gross and reckless disregard for Jarvis, Nayadley and Montgomery's rights and physical safety and constitute a breach of duty to Jarvis, Nayadley and Montgomery under the circumstances," the lawsuit claims.

The three former employees each ask for at least $25,000 for emotional harm, pain and suffering. Each also asks for $1,550,000 in compensatory damages and $1 million in punitive damages.

The wives each ask for $100,000 in damages for loss of consortium.

In December 2015, an Ooltewah High School freshman was raped by his basketball teammates with a pool cue during a team trip to Gatlinburg, Tenn., just days before Christmas. The victim, 15 at the time of the attack, suffered injuries so severe he was rushed to a hospital for emergency surgery.

The victim filed a federal lawsuit against Jarvis, Nayadley and Montgomery, including the Hamilton County Board of Education, late last year in connection with the attack.

The three former Ooltewah employees responded to this suit last year, claiming they should not be held liable for the pool-cue rape of a freshman basketball player in December of 2015.

The case is moving toward trial next year, and the Hamilton County school board's insurance company is footing the bill for Jarvis, Nayadley and Montgomery's representation in the case.

But now, local attorney Curtis Bowe has filed this lawsuit on behalf of the three men, which names Hamilton County Schools as a defendant.

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