Sinkhole causes Soddy-Daisy soccer move

The opening of a sinkhole approximately 15 feet deep and six feet wide on Soddy-Daisy's soccer field means the Trojans must play home games elsewhere for a while.

Soddy-Daisy soccer will have a new home for at least part of the spring season.

A sinkhole has caused the move.

"It's approximately 15 feet deep and about six feet wide," school principal Steve Henry said.

The hole is near midfield.

"There may have been some water leakage at one time or maybe the drought had an effect on it," said Henry, who played on the field as a Red Bank football team member in the 1970s. "I've been told that stadium was built in the (19)40s."

The school system is going to pay for repairs.

"I know they want to test and get core samples around the field to make sure it's not going to fall in elsewhere, and then they're going to put in different layers of rock and soil to fill it," Henry added.