Hamilton County kicks in on elderly, disabled tax relief

Taxes tile

Tennessee's property tax relief program for the elderly and disabled got a sweetener this year when Hamilton County commissioners voted to kick in matching money.

And the Hamilton County Trustee's Office says now is the time to apply for a break on 2017 property taxes. Tax bills were mailed weeks ago, and taxes are due by the last day of February.

"If they come in right now, there's not going to be a line and the quicker they'll get their money from the state," said Chandler Catore, a deputy clerk in the trustee's office.

Low-income people 65 and older, or people with disabilities, can qualify if their 2017 household incomes are under $29,180 and their homes are valued at no more than $27,000.

More about tax relief

Call the Hamilton County Trustee’s Office at 423- 893-3575.