TVA files appeal of court order to remove coal ash from Gallatin Fossil Plant

The federal utility questions legal bills from plaintiffs for parking tickets and hotel bills

TVA's Gallatin Fossil Plant is shown in this file photo.

The Tennessee Valley Authority said Monday it plans to appeal a federal court ruling that it dig up and remove coal ash buried at TVA's Gallatin Fossil Plant in Middle Tennessee.

TVA lawyers filed an appeal notice in federal court in Nashville to try to pursue their case to the U.S. Court of Appeals, although the federal utility did not ask for a stay of the previous order or a delay in the August ruling by federal Judge Waverly Crenshaw ordering TVA to remove the coal ash at Gallatin.

TVA argues the court-ordered method of cleanup for coal residues at Gallatin would take up to 24 years and cost $550 million using a lined landfill onsite, or up to $2 billion and possibly a different timeline with an offsite landfill. TVA spokesman Scott Brooks said capping and storing the coal ash where it is now would likely cost only about $200 million and still be as effective in limiting water pollution.