'Trading Spaces' brings the old gang back together again

Vern Yip returns for one episode of the new season of "Trading Spaces" on TLC.

ATLANTA - Last October, the Boscarellos were painting a big bedroom space with Atlanta designer Vern Yip and host Paige Davis. It's not their house, part of the charm of TLC's "Trading Spaces," which has been resurrected after a decade and is airing Saturdays.

But when Yip heard this was Mike Boscarello's parents' home, he looked concerned. "That adds a whole other risk factor," Yip said.

"You're going to give Vern nightmares!" Davis warned.

But Yip remained calm, like the gray color he chose for the room. "Neutrals are tricky," he noted, paint brush in hand. "You have to have the right neutrals. Gray can be very cool and difficult if it's not warm enough. It can change other elements in the space."

The "Trading Spaces" formula in 2018 remains the same. Two households in the same neighborhood are given free rein with the designers to remake a room in the other house.