Few out-of-zone students enrolled in Hamilton County School's Future Ready Institutes

Board member Kathy Lennon, left, listens to schools superintendent Bryan Johnson discuss a state partnership zone for low performing schools during a meeting of the Hamilton County Board of Education on Thursday, Sept. 21, 2017, in Chattanooga, Tenn.


Brainerd High School› Institute of Law, First Responders and Forensic Science: 36› Institute of Aviation: 54Central High School › Institute of Advanced Manufacturing: 30East Hamilton High School› TIE Institute: Tinker, Innovate, Engineer: 45› Bryan College Institute of Leadership, Business and Marketing: 35East Ridge High School› Institute of Building and Design: 120Hixson High School› Institute for Integrative Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources: 64› Institute for Health Careers and Medical Advancement: 118› Institute for Future Business Leaders and Owners: 62The Howard School› Erlanger Institute for Healthcare and Innovation: 50› Institute of Hospitality and Tourism: 100Lookout Valley High School› Institute of Digital Media Production: 36Ooltewah High School› Institute of International Baccalaureate Studies: 100› Institute of Architecture and Engineering Design: 48Red Bank High School› Institute of Computer Sciences and Engineering: 45Sequoyah High School› Institute of Industrial Manufacturing: 30Signal Mountain High School› Institute of International Baccalaureate Studies: 200Soddy-Daisy High School› Institute of Start-Ups and Web Design: 71Tyner Academy› EPB Institute of Technology and Security: 25› Institute of Teaching and Learning: 19Total student enrollment as of August 13, 2018: 1,288, according to Hamilton County Schools

With the beginning of the new school year in Hamilton County last week came the launch of one of the district's most prized new initiatives - the Future Ready Institutes.