Chattanooga resident documented safety concerns at hit-and-run site minutes before police officer was killed

Water splashes up as a car drives through the roadway where water is pouring out of a manhole cover in the 2900 block of Hamill Road Sunday, February 24, 2019 in Hixson, Tennessee. Chattanooga Police Officer Nicholas Galinger was struck in a hit-and-run while he was out of the patrol car inspecting the manhole cover late Saturday night, and he later succumbed to injuries sustained in the hit-and-run.
photo This photo taken by Chattanooga resident Christopher Dahl shows the overflowing manhole near where police officer Nicholas Galinger was allegedly struck by motorist Janet Hinds on Saturday evening.

Chattanooga resident Christopher Dahl parked his family's dark-colored 2017 Honda CR-V along Hamill Road late Saturday night after claiming to see a safety sign lying in water overflowing from a manhole cover in the 2900 block of the two-lane road.

All that remained was an A-framed wooden structure with orange and white stripes and a light on the top that wasn't working, he said. There were no other signs along the road warning drivers of the upcoming obstruction, he added.

He turned on his hazard lights, pulled into a driveway and stepped out to pick up the sign, he said.