Rodent droppings, employees not washing their hands and more hurt restaurants in this week's report card

Restaurant tile

Although there were no failings in the Chattanooga area for this week's restaurant report card, there were some alarming citations.

At Hunan Wok on East 23rd Street, the restaurant scored a 76 after the health inspector found rodent droppings in dry storage areas, dirty non-food contact surfaces, a cardboard box re-used to store various ready-to-eat foods products and adequate demonstration of knowledge regarding food safety wasn't provided at the time of inspection.

The Pizza Hut on Battlefield Parkway scored an 81 due to am employee handling money and going back to preparing food without washing their hands, having no paper towels at the hand sink, a food service employee not wearing hair restraints while preparing food and debris build up on the pizza oven.

El Monterrey Mexican on Signal Mountain Road also scored an 81, but for different reasons.