Chattanooga mayoral candidates address affordable housing with Neighborhood Enterprise

The Bushtown community / Staff photo by John Rawlston

Many leading Chattanooga mayoral candidates have recognized affordable housing as a top priority, beginning to collaborate with Chattanooga Neighborhood Enterprise ahead of the election.

In a series of recorded interviews with CNE, eight of the 15 mayoral candidates vying for office on March 2 shared their affordable housing platforms and talked strategy with the nonprofit, which has worked to provide housing and create financially diverse neighborhoods in the city for more than three decades.

"We're seeing it in the polls, we're seeing it in the surveys, people care about housing. Everybody's coming to the conclusion it has to be a priority," CNE Policy Advocate Alexa LeBoeuf told the Times Free Press Thursday. "So when the follow-up question from candidates is 'OK, tell me how,' that's really exciting. It doesn't feel like we're trying to convince people housing matters."