Melting pot: Chanda Chambers builds welding business on partnership and passion

Staff photo by Troy Stolt / Chanda Chambers at the Taft Avenue headquarters of Chambers Welding and Fabrication, the company she launched with her husband in 2015.

Chanda Chambers has spent the last six years aiming a steady stream of energy at growing the welding and fabrication business she owns with her husband, Brent, and that work has sparked serious growth.

"I'm on Instagram, on Facebook, in every board meeting, in everything that has to do with welding, every networking event," she says. "I make it a point to wear orange shirts that glow no matter where I go."

When she and Brent launched Chambers Welding and Fabrication in 2015, the challenge was hiring a couple of welders and growing the business through marketing and outreach, Chanda Chambers says. The jobs followed, and the company's reputation for quality work grew quickly, she says.

"All of a sudden our phone was lighting up, and we needed to hire six more guys," Chambers says.