Wiedmer: Retirement of Baylor's Bill McMahan ends 50 years of wonderful

Staff drawing by Mark Wiedmer / Bill McMahan is retiring as a teacher and coach after 50 years — all but three of those at Baylor School — in which he developed a reputation for expecting the best of his students and athletes while also giving his best to help them succeed.

It probably seemed like a good idea at the time.

After all, when you were the father of one of 42 Baylor School ninth-grade football players in 1974, and the Red Raiders had just won the city's ninth-grade championship - which meant they had still yet to taste defeat as Baylor students after going undefeated in seventh and eighth grade - well, such excellence called for something special.

"So when we got back to the locker room," recalled Doug Dyer, one of that team's best players, "one of the dads had bought us a case of champagne to celebrate with. Well, we started popping open those bottles and spraying each other, and that locker room looked like we'd just won the World Series."

Only trouble was, all 42 of those exceedingly young men were well under the legal drinking age.