Case: Don't say I didn't warn you that dove season is coming

Photo contributed by Larry Case / Mourning doves are the game of choice for many when it comes to returning to hunting after the summer layoff. Sept. 1 is often the kickoff date for the season, and a dove hunt can range from a catered affair with an emphasis on being seen to low-key ventures with your buddies and a cooler of bologna sandwiches.

Imagine my surprise when I checked the calendar just now and it seems we have arrived in August.

It has been so hot around here even the snakes are complaining, but by the end of August you are going to be looking for that fleece jacket on a chilly evening. When September gets here (I am told that is next month) - BOOM! - we are in the thick of it. Hunting season, that is.

Are you ready for it? No, me neither, but maybe some of these words will help you, as my buddy says, "Git ready!"

Sept. 1 is the traditional kickoff date in most states for the mourning dove season.