Case: We can all agree on fulfilling dreams for others

Published Dec. 13 2018

We live in a time of constant discord and strife, it seems. Even in the Christmas season most people can't...

Fresh Air Calendar, Dec. 13-19

Published Dec. 13 2018

See what's happening in the Chattanooga area's outdoors scene.

Tennessee Aquarium launches social network for fish enthusiasts [video]

Published Dec. 6 2018

A new online data system geared as a social network of sorts for aquatic hobbyists and conservationists has launched to...


Case: Tracking in the snow can be a lot of fun

Published Dec. 6 2018

Some people like snow. They talk about how pretty it is and how it puts them in a good frame...

Fresh Air Calendar, Dec. 6-12

Published Dec. 6 2018

See what's happening in the Chattanooga area's outdoors scene.

Major new hunting regulations in place to combat spread of fatal deer disease

Published Dec. 3 2018

New Tennessee hunting regulations are now in place to combat the spread of a fatal neurological disorder that affects members...

Permit system for aquatic herbicide use could be coming to Tennessee soon

Published Dec. 2 2018

State Sen. Mike Bell, R-Cleveland, plans to propose legislation in January that would regulate aquatic herbicide use in Tennessee, requiring...

Case: The day hunting died

Published Nov. 29 2018

They closed hunting season the other day, and I don't mean for the year.

Fresh Air Calendar, Nov. 29-Dec. 6

Published Nov. 29 2018

See what's happening in the Chattanooga area's outdoors scene.

Fishermen concerned over growing number of tournaments on Lake Chickamauga

Published Nov. 23 2018

Trucks piled onto a boat ramp along Lake Chickamauga in the early morning hours of a spring day. As space...

Smokies' 900 miler club includes Chattanooga-area hikers

Published Nov. 21 2018

Need to know something about a trail in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park? Ask Beth Jones of LaFayette, Georgia.

Fresh Air Calendar, Nov. 22-28

Published Nov. 21 2018

See what's happening in the Chattanooga area's outdoors scene.

Hunters donating deer meat to the hungry with help of Chattanooga butchers

Published Nov. 21 2018

Scores of hunters will take their latest kills to a butcher this week as they return from one of the...

Tennessee Riverpark boat ramps and piers closed until water recedes

Published Nov. 16 2018

The Hamilton County Parks and Recreation Department announced that boat ramps and piers at the Tennessee Riverpark will be closed...

Larry Case: A favor for a friend

Published Nov. 15 2018

For the life of me, I could not believe I was here and this was happening.

Fresh Air Calendar, Nov. 15-21

Published Nov. 15 2018

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Mason Chilmonczyk, Alice Shiflett win Battlefield Marathon

Published Nov. 11 2018

Paul Hough won the Chickamauga Battlefield Marathon in 1987. He was in the military, stationed at the time in Hampton,...

Triple 'S' has transformed old chicken farm into quite a quail business

Published Nov. 8 2018

Just southeast of Ringgold is a hot spot for bobwhite quail.

Case: Hunting with goals beyond trophies and meat

Published Nov. 8 2018

Gather round, brothers and sisters in camo, for your humble outdoors scribe's latest sermon.

Fresh Air Calendar, Nov. 8-14

Published Nov. 8 2018

See what's happening in the local outdoors scene.

One of the world's largest caving conservancies opens headquarters in Chattanooga

Published Nov. 4 2018

One of the world's largest conservancies dedicated primarily to preserving caves has opened its headquarters on Signal Mountain.

Head of the Hooch offers local rowers chance of a lifetime [photos]

Published Nov. 3 2018

The Head of the Hooch is one of the largest rowing regattas in the world and billed as 'The Last...

Outdoors notes and calendar

Published Nov. 1 2018

Outdoors notes