Cheap wine is fine for peachy spritzer

Peaches are shown in this 2007 photo. While peaches are available nearly year round, July and August is when the seasons heat and sunshine has really filled the fruit with sugar. (AP Photo/Larry Crowe)

There are some things that are routine in our house. I can guarantee you that I'm at the track in the early morning and again in the evening after the sun goes down.

I usually hit the computer around 10 every morning to get a few columns and stories written. Then I start worrying about what's on the menu for dinner and try to come up with something clever if we're not having leftovers.

Making an afternoon cocktail is certainly not part of my daily routine, but when I found this recipe on and made it for the first time, I decided I should add it. Not daily, of course, but maybe weekly - especially when peach season is in full swing.

It's been so incredibly hot this summer, it's almost like walking into a furnace when you open the door, and that's why this peachy wine spritzer is so refreshing.