Serving up recipes for almond tea and the makings of two desserts

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Good morning, readers. While tomatoes are still summer-tasty, a request came from Daisy LaNieve for a "a new twist on the salad made with tomatoes, fresh mozzarella and fresh basil. Does anyone have a recipe for roasted Caprese salad?"

And here are some lost-and-not-yet-found requests from a June column. We are still seeking chocolate chip cookies with sea salt topping, special-occasion cabbage served hot and how to make a reduction to serve with meat.


In that same June column, Marge Pasch asked you to "tell me how to judge what to do to change a regular recipe so that it could work with gluten-free flour or some other ingredient."

Charlotte Faulkner offered Ms. Pasch some solutions this morning in response to last week's continuing conversation.

"I recently tried the lemon bars recipe posted by internet blogger Mama Knows Gluten, and even the non-celiacs in our family approved.