Dear Abby: Jealousy undermines woman's relationship with retiree


DEAR ABBY: I've been in a "friend with benefits" relationship for more than a year now. I'm 57 and he's 79. I was raised a Christian and wanted to save myself for marriage. This is the first time I have loved someone and been the FWB. I'm jealous of his last girlfriend and what they had together. She wanted to get married, and he didn't.

A woman at my church says I ought to just remain friends with him and pray God will send me a man who will love and marry me. This is a retirement town. There aren't many available men my age. I feel guilty because I went against my Christian faith. I'd appreciate your advice. - IN LIMBO IN ARIZONA

DEAR IN LIMBO: Why are you wasting your time being jealous of his ex-girlfriend? They are history.