Meet Chattanooga-area Rock/Creekers (Sponsored Content)

Photo contributed by Rock/Creek

Behind every Rock/Creek store is a team of outdoor enthusiasts and experts who love spreading the outdoor recreation "stoke." Also known as "Rock/Creekers," they are the faces that welcome you into every Rock/Creek and outfit you with the gear and apparel to get outside with safety and confidence. Get to know three of them: Marissa Dalrymple, Chris Stein and Windel Ross, and make sure to say, "hi!" next time you swing by.

Rock/Creek: What's the best part about Chattanooga?

Marissa Dalrymple: I would say the wide range of outdoor activities there are to choose from. Where I'm from, all you could do was flatwater kayak and/or ride horses.

R/C: What's the worst part?

MD: Parking.

R/C: Would you rather try tandem cycling or tandem kayaking?

MD: I actually have a tandem kayak, and every time my husband and I use it we argue a lot. Maybe tandem cycling would be a nice change?

R/C: What's your gas station snack of choice?

MD: Peach rings and rainbow Skittles.

R/C: What was the most memorable trip you've taken?

MD: In 2019 I took a road trip with my mom, my now-husband and my best friend to visit all of the National Parks in Utah. I thought it would be awesome because it was my three favorite people, but in the end, I was very done with all of them."

R/C: What is your favorite thing to do outside?

MD: Car camping at state parks.

R/C: Replace "Rock/Creek" with words to describe yourself.

MD: Introverted/Intentional.

Rock/Creek: You work at the North Shore Rock/Creek. What is your go-to Whole Foods snack?

Chris Stein: On the clock? The lemonade sour rings or "voodoo curry chicken." Off the clock? Anything from their beer cooler.

R/C: Where did you grow up, and why did you move to Chattanooga?

CS: I grew up in Springfield, Missouri. I ended up moving here with the company [Gearhead], but the reason I specifically chose Chattanooga was because of the climbing and MTB trails.

R/C: It's a sunny day, Where can we find you?

CS: If it's hot: searching for a slackline spot over the water. If it's tolerable, passed out on some of the Raccoon Mountain [mountain bike] climbs.

R/C: You're at a campfire, all eyes are on you. What story are you telling?

CS: [Laughs] I'm not really the story type, but I'm probably polling the audience with hypotheticals. "Would you rather be a tree or a rat?"

R/C: Favorite trail system?

CS: Stringer's Ridge, for its convenience.

R/C: Replace "Rock/Creek" with words to describe yourself.

CS: Bird/Snail.

Rock/Creek: Where did you grow up?

Windel Ross: Dalton Georgia, carpet capital of the world.

R/C: You're a raft guide on the Ocoee during the summer, what has been your favorite raft trip?

WR: A group of dads from New York booked a trip and completely surprised me when they wanted to flip the raft. It's always the ones you least expect who want to get rowdy on the river.

R/C: What's the worst vacation you have ever been on?

WR: One time I went to San Diego with my family and wore expired sunscreen. I got terrible sun poisoning, and my forehead swelled up. Spent the whole vacation bedridden.

R/C: When you're not clocked in at Hamilton Place, where can we find you?

WR: Usually in a hammock atop Lookout Mountain, or at the Ocoee.

R/C: What do you think about social media?

WR: This is funny since my major is communications. While I use social media, I try to limit it because sometimes it feels unrealistic.

R/C: Favorite gas station snack?

WR: Plain M&Ms. I love M&M's.

R/C: Replace "Rock/Creek" with words to describe yourself.

WR: Outgoing/Mellow.