Opinion: Biden crime family's 'wag the dog' moment

File photo by Elizabeth Weinberg of The New York Times / Hunter Biden, the son of president-elect Joe Biden, is shown in his art studio in Los Angeles, California, on Nov. 1, 2019.

Secretary of State Anthony Blinken and President Biden are flying to Belgium to meet with NATO leaders and to expand U.S. military support to Ukraine (in addition to $800 million in ground support that we have already given). To put that in a perspective that Ukraine and Russia can understand, $800 million is about 10 Hunter Biden paintings.

If Biden really wanted to hurt the Russian economy, he'd dispatch Dr. Anthony Fauci and his climate change zealots to impose their own special brand of political science on Moscow.

The real story, buried by the media until now, is the extent of the Biden family's corruption. Their graft playground involves three players on the current world stage: Ukraine, China and Russia. I am not sure if Joe Biden could even make a good decision on anything, but he certainly cannot in these countries because he and his family are compromised by dubious financial entanglements there.

The Hunter Biden laptop story, which came out in the heat of the presidential race, was mocked and delegitimized by the mainstream media. The oldest newspaper in the country, which first reported the story, was lambasted for it. Then, to help Joe Biden beat Donald Trump, Twitter and Facebook banned the news story from their platforms.

After knowing it was true but insisting it was Russian disinformation to bury it during the presidential campaign, The New York Times recently admitted the truth of the Hunter Biden laptop story, as did "51 Obama-era intelligence officials." They all knowingly lied. It shows the extent to which the permanent Washington elites and the media will go to see their candidate win the presidency.

Our deeply blue Washington (D.C. votes 93%-plus for Democrats) refused to probe Biden crime connections and influence peddling in Ukraine. Donald Trump called the Ukrainian president to find out what was going on with Biden corruption there. Then Democrats impeached Donald Trump for attempting to expose a crime the Biden family committed in shaking down Ukraine for money, and replaced Trump with the prime suspect, Joe Biden.

It is an awful time in our country for mainstream corporate media and their brethren, the leftist tech oligarchs. We know who gave money to Canadian truckers, but we do not know how much money Hunter Biden gave his father ("the Big Guy") or which Democrats spent time on Epstein's pedophile island.

Jen Psaki and the White House see no problem with Hunter Biden selling his artwork for millions of dollars to anonymous buyers and foreign despots like Vladimir Putin. His first painting was titled "Permission to Take Ukraine" and the second was titled "Permission Granted."

But what nefarious leader looking to dip into U.S. taxpayers' wallets (who can no longer buy favor by donating to The Clinton Foundation) would not want one of Hunter Biden's masterpieces? He is a fine artist and has been painting since way back at the beginning of the Joe Biden presidency last year. One of his works is very personal: It depicts four dogs playing poker and smoking crack.

The media and the Democratic leadership in Congress are so mad at Hunter Biden that they are going to try to indict Eric and Donald Trump Jr.

We are being bullied by China with inflationary supply chain issues. There is corruption in eastern Europe tied to the Biden family, NATO is fecklessly ill-prepared and underfunded, and the U.S. has gone from being energy independent with $1.90-a-gallon gasoline to not and gas at $4.29 per gallon. And the "Deep State" is as nefarious as ever. When they design the Trump Presidential Library, they might want to expand the "Trump Was Right" wing.

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