Pastor Bo: Ignore the naysayers; prayer can make a difference

It is, I suppose, a mixture of scriptural misunderstanding, faulty logic, attacks from haters and even inaccurate preaching that often causes people to have some very serious doubts and questions about that which should bring us the most comfort in our times of trials.

I am talking about prayer.

Some time back, the following question was posed to me. "If God only answers prayers according to his will, which means that he is going to do what he wants anyway, then why pray? Isn't it futile?"

This fatalistic, predetermined view of God, prayer and circumstances makes for a miserable life bereft of hope. Nor is it even remotely close to what Scripture teaches.

We have all likely had those times where we prayed, and God seemed to either not even hear, or worse, to hear and do the exact opposite of what we ask.