Stirring the pot for more soup please, plus how to use up gift of goat cheese

Good morning, autumn visitors. The first request, if not time-sensitive, is cheese-sensitive. Yeast of the Ridge received a large log of goat cheese as a gift. "I just don't like goat cheese by itself, but I am asking your readers for some good recipes for using goat cheese." Ideas are welcome here, as well as recipes.

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Please continue to send your reflections and directions for the making of soups of all kinds. We've been stirring up the pot of benefits of, and recipes for, making soup, a topic raised first here by a college student. To add to the pot, here's a tip for a cookbook by Kathy Gunst that a reader, A.H.L., has recommended. It's "Soup Swap: Comforting Recipes To Make and Share."