How about Industrial Museum of Chattanooga? and more letters to the editors

How about Industrial Museum of Chattanooga?

Now is the time to preserve what may be the last remnant of Chattanooga's former industrial might. The Eureka Foundry property is perfect for the home of the Industrial Museum of Chattanooga. The building is not so large that preservation would would be too costly. The building has not been vacant nor deteriorated. The equipment and machinery can be preserved. Additional interpretative exhibits can be added. The location is near the First Horizon Pavilion and the Skate Park.

How about it? Step up, Chattanooga City Council and the parks and recreation department.

You have a great opportunity to do the right thing. This will be an additional tourist site.

Brendan Brosnan

Cancers eating at fabric of society

The recent mass killing in Texas where the illegal was firing his automatic assault rifle in the air and when asked to stop then proceeded to kill five of his neighbors depicts the two major internal problems in America.

The first is illegals easily crossing the border. This man had slipped in this country three times, then had been removed and somehow had gotten back in for a fourth time.

Secondly, when he came in illegally again, he was able to obtain an assault weapon.

This case shows the problem: easy access to our country plus easy access to weapons.

These are the two most dangerous issues facing our country in many years. Both of these are cancers eating at the fabric of our society.

Fix these, America.

Russell Bean

Fairness must not be judgment of one side

Seems that whenever liberals look in a mirror, they blame conservatives for what they see.

Case in point: The recent Mike Luckovich editorial cartoon which shows Fox News repeatedly reporting "Hunter Biden ..." and a TV viewer commenting, "Another Trump indictment must've dropped."

Curiously, scandal allegations against Hunter Biden are mounting as GOP leaders investigate, some of which seem to implicate the current resident of the Oval Office, aka "the big guy." But all the liberal media report on is "Trump ..." "Trump ..."

Another example is when liberal pundits decry supposed attacks by conservatives on free speech. At the same time, the left aggressively opposes free speech that doesn't advance their ideologically driven narratives.

The traditional journalistic virtues of objectivity, balance, fairness — and honesty in reporting — seem to have been beaten into extinction as media gatekeepers determine that the "court of public opinion" delivers their desired judgments.

Robert Tamasy, Hixson

Free Press cartoon not in good taste

I am not a fan of Trump (nor of Biden), but I think last Sunday's Free Press cartoon by conservative cartoonist Michael Ramirez showing a buffoonish Trump saying, "I am not an idiot," went beyond any semblance of good taste.

Doris Rausch, Tullahoma, Tenn.

'Misrepresentation of fact has no place'

I have again read Judge Will Cummings' booklet "Roosevelt's 1940 Appeal." With all of the allegations about former President Trump and his continuing denial of those allegations as well as his denial in regard to the results of the 2020 election, I could not think of more appropriate language to address what has been transpiring by the former president than those statements made by Franklin Delano Roosevelt in his speech in Philadelphia on Oct. 23, 1940.

He stated: "I shall never be loath to call the attention of the Nation to deliberate or unwitting falsifications of fact, which are sometimes made by political candidates.

"Truthful campaign discussion of public issues is essential to the American form of government; but willful misrepresentation of fact has no place during election time or at any other time."

Our former president, in my opinion, has failed to adhere to the wise words of Roosevelt. He, along with those who support him, which I did in the two elections in which he ran, should realize that he has not been truthful with the American public.

I was reared in an active political family which believed in the integrity of the political system that has now been violated by Donald Trump.

J. Harvey Cameron

Trump's desperate attempts to keep job

187 minutes. That's how long Trump knowingly failed to act while his armed supporters stormed our nation's Capitol. Instead, he watched the violence unfold on cable news, and even sent messages of encouragement by social media, telling the insurrectionists that he "loved" them.

This is one of many disturbing details in the most recent indictment against Trump, where he was charged with four federal criminal counts, including conspiracy to defraud our country in an unprecedented attempt to remain in power.

According to the indictment, Trump deliberately lied about voter fraud, then used those lies to try to pressure local officials to illegally overturn election results and create a fake slate of electors. He then pressured Vice President Mike Pence to toss out the legitimate results and count the fake electoral votes instead.

When all that failed, the Jan. 6 insurrection was Trump's last desperate attempt to cling to power. It was violent, destructive, and, in some cases, fatal.

There can be no more serious crime than a conspiracy to overturn the foundation of our democracy itself: the vote of the American people. Fame, fortune and former office cannot and should not prevent someone from standing trial and being held accountable for their crimes.

Cecilie Roman

Abortion is sinful, but it is not murder

Abortion remains an explosive, top-drawer issue, with adult blood often being spilled to defend an opinion. Dispassionate conversation in Christian love seems far away, amid storms of heated rage. From decades of experience, and the knowledge that its predictions have come true in detail, I rely on Bible evidence in the matter. In the Creation account of Genesis 2:7: "God formed man of the dust, breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and man became a living being (sentient)." Living experience is linked to breath in Psalm 146:4 and Ecclesiastes 12:7.

In the womb, life depends on the breath of the mother. When a newborn utters its first cry, life is definitive; before that, all is speculation. Exodus 21:22-23 gives an explicit description of a violent end of pregnancy, "If there is no serious injury, the offender must be fined as the husband and the court determine."

Abortion may be sinful; I believe it is, in many cases, but murder it is not, according to Scripture. However, our government is not authorized to deal with questions of sin per se. Peace is hard to get, but evidence can help us to be less fractious.

Richard Burns, Cleveland, Tenn.