The Rant

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"Pro-choice" folks are selfishly only about women's "rights." They never want to talk about the unborn's rights. Bottom line: God says, Do not kill.

Out of an abundance of caution, the hot air balloon festival in Albuquerque has been cancelled until Joe Biden leaves office.

County courthouse security is a joke. Citizens must empty pockets and remove belts before going through metal detectors while every attorney and "official" bypass security.

Rhonda Thurman, a school board member, demands we "get over" her joke about rape. Get off the school board, Rhonda. You're politically toxic.

I believe people are beginning to wonder why builders and developers get whatever they want, regardless of negative impact. Some good investigative reporting might help.

So Sens. Hagerty and Blackburn finally woke up on Jan. 6, 2021, and abandoned their 2020 election recount efforts? What took them so long?

Will Mayor Wamp take his whole first term in office to reorganize the county government, or will he also do something for the people?

Free speech shouldn't mean being able to say anything without offering proof.

Families should make decisions about their children's health care and women about their own health care, not blowhard Republicans sitting in judgment in Nashville.

Maybe there should be a mental competency test for a certain age. How old is Marjorie Taylor Greene?

Every week I think about writing a letter countering the misinformation found in letters and rants. I don't because it would be pointless.

For once, I actually agree with one of Clay Bennett's cartoons. Let's help stamp out "woke"!

Bennett's Friday cartoon about Haley requiring competency tests for politicians over 75 was funny. What we need is competency tests for all politicians. (Ask Santos.)

Anyone setting policy and curriculum for public schools should be required to have their children in said schools. Good intentions don't count.

Why did the Fox News hosts promote the election fraud claims when they didn't really believe them? Not serious about news.

Our mail service is becoming spotty. Maybe we ought to bring back the Pony Express.

What a waste of talent: Rhonda Thurman merely on the school board when she actually should be in Congress with Marjorie Taylor Greene.

Why does our government care more about securing Ukraine borders than our own? We are spending billions there that we could use here. Why?

Since 2000, the national debt increased over $25 trillion -- $12.7 trillion under two Republican administrations and $13 trillion under two Democratic administrations. Who should we blame?

The Republican Party is becoming less a viable political party and more a fanatical religious cult.

Ron DeSantis is a dictator looking for a country. Let's not give him ours.

President Biden avoids the media as he is capable of answering only advanced questions for which his handlers have provided answers for him to read.

Narcan should be sold over the counter; every school and church should have it.

Marjorie Taylor Greene, Georgia 14th's humiliation, suggests dividing the United States into blue versus red. And she is a patriot? Not. At. All.

I am afraid to fly the "friendly skies." What if Chicken Little was right after all?

Why are government officials silent on: balloons, train wrecks, shortages, inflation, debt, crime and open borders. We're not stupid. We see. Facts are truth.