How to make the negroni sbagliato from Chattanooga’s St. John’s Meeting Place

Staff photos by Matt Hamilton / Bartender Susannah King prepares the negroni sbagliato at St. John's Meeting Place.
Staff photos by Matt Hamilton / Bartender Susannah King prepares the negroni sbagliato at St. John's Meeting Place.

Most new trends these days begin on TikTok, and cocktail trends are no exception.

A video posted last October on HBO Max's account in which "House of the Dragon" stars Olivia Cooke and Emma D'Arcy discuss their favorite drinks led the negroni sbagliato to become an internet sensation.

In the viral video, D'Arcy tells Cooke her drink of choice is a "negroni sbagliato...with prosecco in it," to which Cooke replies, "Oh, stunning," before sharing that her own favorite drink is a martini with a twist. And a meme was born.

The negroni is a classic Italian cocktail that combines equal parts gin, Campari and vermouth. Composed entirely of alcohol, it's a boozy aperitif with a scarlet shade that is indeed stunning, looks-wise. (Though in the context of the video, Cooke's response is weird and part of what makes it meme-worthy.)

A negroni sbagliato -- which an Italian would pronounce spah-lee-ah-toh, but D'Arcy pronounces it spahg-lee-ah-to, with a hard "g" -- is similar to a negroni, but...with prosecco in it, instead of gin.

The drink was supposedly created by a bartender who grabbed the wrong bottle by mistake, resulting in a negroni sbagliato, which translates to "broken" or "mistaken" negroni in Italian.

It's a simple drink with few ingredients, but that doesn't mean it's easy to make well.

St. John's Meeting Place offers a superior negroni sbagliato, made with the classic recipe using top-notch ingredients that take it to the next level.

Outside of the signature cocktails bartender Susannah King creates for the Meeting Place, she says she prefers to make classic cocktails using their traditional recipes.

"I believe that is the way to keep their true flavor, their authenticity and also let the story of their origin live on," says King.

She makes the negroni sbagliato with Carpano Antica, a high-quality, smooth but flavourful sweet vermouth; Charles Armand Blanc de Blancs, with notes of apple, almond, honey and toasty brioche that adds to its full aroma; and Campari, in a 1:1:1 ratio.

"The negroni sbagliato is nice and earthy in its aroma, bold but also refreshing and light with balanced complexity," says King as to what she likes about the drink. "I would recommend this drink to anyone looking to broaden their cocktail palate and lovers of Italian spritz cocktails."

Pair the aperitif with Meeting Place's peanut butter and jelly pork belly appetizer -- made with peanut butter foie, cranberry gastrique and house-made sourdough -- for a happy hour treat.

"In my experience, any food with high-fat content and rich flavor complement the drink's boldness," she says.

What you need:

1 ounce Carpano Antica (or other sweet vermouth)

1 ounce Campari

1 ounce Charles Armand Blanc de Blancs (or other sparkling wine)

What you do:

Combine first two ingredients in a glass with ice and stir. Top with sparkling wine.

  photo  Staff photo by Matt Hamilton / Bartender Susannah King pours a shot of Campari as she prepares the negroni sbagliato at St. John's Meeting Place.

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