Sketchbook: ‘Unseen Earth’ by Dee Miles

"Unseen Earth" by Dee Miles (Medium: photography)

Through the lens of her phone's camera, Chattanooga artist Dee Miles unveils hidden beauty with up-close photos of everyday objects. "Unseen Earth" shows remnants of acrylic paint from her gel printing plate, carefully edited to enhance the colors and shadows.

Miles is a speech therapist who works with the elderly, dementia patients and stroke victims in their homes. She draws inspiration from her patients' surroundings and from her spirituality, in order to express themes of religion, aging and nature. She quotes author Annie Dillard: "Beauty and grace are performed, whether or not we will sense them ... The least we can do is try to be there."

You can find Dee Miles' work at ClearStory Arts or on her Instagram @herethereyonder.