"Walnut Street Bridge" by Robin Howe

"Walnut Street Bridge" by Robin Howe

Walnut Street Bridge

Artist: Robin Howe

Medium: Watercolor and Ink

Robin Howe, a local Chattanooga artist, didn't pursue a formal art education. However, she immersed herself in numerous workshops that centered on experimental water media, allowing her to develop her skills. Her artistic pieces carry a whimsical essence, which stems from her lack of exposure to formal drawing classes. The self-described playful and lighthearted nature of her work is particularly evident in the miniature "Where's Waldo?"-style figures that she incorporates into various paintings.

"Making art makes me crazy happy, and I think that happy spirit channels onto the page," says Howe. "Why the bridge? Because I love Chattanooga."

SEE MORE: Howe's artwork can be found at In-Town Gallery, Locals Only and The Mustard Seed. To see more of her art, also visit robinpaint.com.