Social Security fixes to help we the people and more letters to the editors

Social Security fixes to help we the people

It is estimated Social Security payments are likely to be cut 20% in 2034. I'm 95; it won't bother me. I won't be here. Social Security is 65% of our retirement income. My wife of 72 years and I don't need more. We have no debts.

Help for Social Security (the following figures may not be current because they change often): Require Social Security to be paid on earned income up to $600,000; at 6.2%, that is $37,200. Income tax at 37% is $222,000 for a total of $259,200, leaving $340,800 to live on.

Income tax currently paid on the taxable portion of Social Security should go into the Social Security Trust Funds.

Under present law the maximum that can be drawn is $54,660, and the spouse will draw half of that. Eighty-five percent of their Social Security will be taxable.

That is taxing the rich, but the rich are the people with the money.

What about the Social Security Trust Funds? When money is borrowed from the fund, interest should be paid at the same rate as Treasury Bills. It is only a bookkeeping figure, but it will look good to we the people. All the money spent comes out of the Treasury regardless of where it is recorded.

John B. Berg Sr.

Fast-food outlets: Stop oversharing!

I'm an elderly, single lady with a senior dog. I try to shop and prepare fresh food for us both. However, it is sometimes more economical to resort to fast food as it's difficult to consume an entire head of lettuce, loaf of bread and fresh fruit before it all spoils.

As a recycling conservationist, I always request no silverware, no sauce, no napkins at the drive-through. Yet, I keep getting this stuff (23 napkins from one local fast food outlet). While I do reuse what I'm given, I feel sure others do not.

Drive by my home and see the trash from the so-called Jesus chicken chain, including unopened sauce packets, plastic silverware, napkins and empty cups.

What religion are these people that they think they can destroy the environment?

Fast food managers, please tell your employees to stop stuffing our bag with unneeded items. Especially if we ask! Thank you, Taco Bell, for listening. You stand out.

Elaine Brown

Murder commandment final word on abortion

I was so glad to see Pastor Bo Wagner of "Faith Focus" answer in the Sunday Sept. 3 Times Free Press a local letter writer's ridiculous reasoning about the Bible's non-use of the word "abortion."

The writer said "if abortion isn't in the Bible, God never called it murder or sin." The writers of the Bible thousands of years ago never, ever even heard of the word "abortion."

The Bible is God-inspired. So, yes, I figure God knew that in the very distant future the word "abortion" would show up, but he knew the Fifth Commandment would take care of that problem. Committing murder of any living human is forbidden. That includes a human embryo.

Pastor Wagner said it all -- the writer's argument is very foolish. And I would say better be careful of what words you put in God's mouth. Be very careful.

Brenda Locklear

Thankful Kemp, Willis defend Georgia's vote

The state senator for my district in Northwest Georgia has called for a special session to investigate and even remove District Attorney Fani Willis from office, challenging Gov. Brian Kemp to visit this area and speak to the citizens here. If the governor, or indeed District Attorney Willis herself were to visit Northwest Georgia, I would be more than happy to speak with them and thank them for defending my vote, along with the votes of millions of other Georgians against the criminal actions of the former president and his many abettors who sought and still seek to disenfranchise us.

The 2020 election results in Georgia were recounted several times and were subjected to many other investigations, none of which made any change to the result. Donald Trump lost Georgia and Georgia's electoral votes in November 2020, and nothing can change that.

It appalls me that so many members of his party, elected or non-elected, cannot bring themselves to accept that and to denounce his attempts to overturn the election and remain in office, even going so far as to foment an attack on the Capitol and the entire legislative branch of the U.S. government. Supporting Trump will do them and their party no good. History will judge them, and history's judgment will be harsh.

David Cofield

LaFayette, Ga.

Schumer can bring promotions to vote

Sen. Tommy Tuberville is within his rights to put a hold on general/flag officer promotions until the White House and Pentagon deal honestly with his concerns.

The fake ire by Department of Defense brass and civilian leadership should be directed at the Senate majority leader. He has the ability to bring flag officer nominations to the full Senate one at a time. It's a simple matter for the administration to prioritize the promotions and have the Senate vote on them individually. Among the benefits of doing that is each officer can be evaluated for fitness to be promoted.

Biden has nominated too many leftist generals already. The new nominee for chairman of the Joint Chiefs is an example. He is an embarrassment to the uniform many of my friends wore.

Rusty Lacy

Rossville, Ga.

Did you know? Rant and opinion

The origin of the above term, "rant," is alleged to have been in the year 1601. One well-known dictionary defines the word as "to talk in a more excited or declamatory (a dramatic and confident way of speaking) manner."

Another recognized authority claims rant is to "speak or shout in a loud, uncontrolled, or angry way, often saying confused or silly things."

The term "opinion" is a judgment, viewpoint or statement that is not conclusive, rather than facts, which are true statements.

The First Amendment "freedom of speech clause" gives a certain amount of protection and often produces both serious and funny comments.

In Choo Choo City, this newspaper provides forums for the expression of personal views by both identified and anonymous contributors. The named "Letters to the Editor" and anonymous "The Rant" in the Sunday TFP printed and digital versions give a voice to those that may (or may not) be able to compete with the self-promoting, glitzy outpouring of propaganda (wrong word) spewed by a vocal minority.

Writers frequently give a wake-up call to our elected politicians.

The following excerpts from the Sept. 3, 2023, "The Rant" might be four of those productive messages:

1) "The popular belief that most of the zoning regulators and other politicians are owned by developers and builders might be gaining credibility, especially in Ooltewah."

2) "I am 29, a sought-after swimsuit model. That's as truthful as mentally unstable Trump saying he is 6-foot-3, 215 pounds."

3) "Sometimes I wish I was a Democrat. Life is much simpler. Everything bad is because of Trump, racism or climate change. And Whoopi Goldberg decides."

4) "If you think America's political infights are out of control and divisive, at least we don't eliminate opponents like Putin does."

It's great that all of the above, etc., are protected by the First Amendment!

Jerry Summers